Wednesday, December 31, 2008

La Gi

Well first wifi is very hard to come by, the hotel we are in says they have wifi, but not so much!

The past 2 days have been incredible...we arrived at the Lost Orphans Orphanage and met the children for the first time on Tuesday the 30th. They immediately ran to us and hugged on us. It was awesome, the kids just wanted to be held and loved on. The sisters who run the place were extrememly glad to see us and are so funny and warm.

There are 4 little girls who are 5 and 6 years old, who have heart breaking stories how they got to the orphanage. They have taken to the guys, and have become our little buddies...we have played ball, piggy back rides, and tickle time with them. They are beautiful little girsl and smart, they are fascinated with our digital cameras and want to play with Yuhm, probably took 200 pictures last night with Aaron's camera. I can not post pictures yet, as the wifif signal is too weak, but will as soon as I can.

We also went to the local childrens hospital and visited the children- 3 of which are Lost Orphans kids. While there the sisters let us help them do a soup kitchen, which they do 5 days a week, for the families there. The hospital does not provide food for patients or families, so the sisters do so 5 days a week. We helped feed 100 or so families. Later we ha a food distribution event at the Orphanage, which the sisters do 1 time a month for the diabled, again we were honored to take part in this. We handed out provisions (22 lbs of rice, 1 qt of fish sauce, 1 lb of sugar, and a box of noodles, with eq of $3 dollars) to 150 families. Many of these disabilities are thought to be the result of Agent Orange used during the war, the area we are in was targeted heavily and you can still see the effects on the land and people.

We finished off the night by taking the older kids 2+ to have ice cream. It was so much fun and the kids were in heaven. I doubt any of us stayed up to see New Years here in Vietnam, we were all sacked!

So Happy New Years and I will try to write more soon.



Sonya said...

Glad to hear your news. Nonie sent me the link. cant wait to visit after you get back. tell you dad hi

treeink said...

Hey bro…!

Glad to hear you all got there safe and are having a great time. Cherish these moments with the kids and the people of orphanage, take tons of pictures, journal as much as you can… we want to experience your story and try to catch a glimpse of your journey though the lens you see it =) I pray that God radically changes each one of you though your daily encounters with the people over there. May you be transparent and give them hope and joy by sharing the love of Christ!