Saturday, January 3, 2009

Working with the Least and the Lost

Day 2
We went to the hospital and served rice soup to the families of the patients and then also gave them 20,000 Dong (equal to $1.50 ) the hospital does not provide food for patients or the families. So the sisters d this 5 days a week.

We then went to the cemetary that the sisters have purchased plots in to bury unknown war heroes and also the aborted babies.
We also saw the grave of a 3 month old orphan that was sick and died the day we arrived. I was moved by the grief Sister Mia and the other nuns, not that I would not expect them to be sad, but they were crushed. I shows the love and devotion that these sisters have for the children.

We ended our afternoon with a food distibution to the families of the disabled. Many of which were affected by our use of Agent Orange during the war, which they say passes on genetically. Regardless it was very emotional and watching these people come in, many being carried, wheeled, or on crutches. We gave them a 22 lb bag of rice, 1 liter of fish sauce, a 5 lb box of noodles, a 1 lb bag of rice, and 100,000 dong ($6).

These pictures are of 2 of the older girls, Tram and Ngung.

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