Thursday, June 24, 2010


At this time 3 weeks from today we will be soaring high over the Atlantic on our way to London for a 28 hour lay over...followed by a flight to Nairobi, Kenya. All four of us, myself, Jennifer, Emily and Paige are all going and leading a team of 11 others as we go to visit Naomi's Village.

Naomi's Village is a children's home that the Mendonsa family along with our organization Lost Orphans International is building outside Kijabe, Kenya.

When God laid this trip on our hearts 7 months ago, we were excited, but very unsure of if we were walking down the right path, but as is His way, we knew that if we followed His prompting all would come together. Making the decision to take our 8 and 7 year old girls was a major decision, one that we have and still struggle with at times; but ultimately we know they are meant to go. I can not wait to see how God reveals Himself to them and the experiences that will last a lifetime with them. I know God will use this trip and a corner stone in their lives that He will build upon and use to mold them. They will (as will we) get to see the "reality" of this world and to see what it means when Jesus said to love your neighbor.

I will be posting more as we get closer and while we are on the trip, you can also follow the official Lost Orphans International Blog at Go ahead and check out the blog from the recent trip to Vietnam.