Thursday, June 23, 2011


Finally we have internet here in Kenya! The team had a long arduous journey to get here. We left Friday night out of DFW, but our plane was delayed 2 hours, which in turn caused us to miss our flight in London. Not the worst thing in the world, but it took about 7 hours in the airport to sort out our options. We ended up spending the night in London and heading out Sunday morning. Surprise our flight out of London was delayed almost 3 hours, which put us getting to be in Nairobi at around 2:00 am Monday morning! It was a crazy journey, but the team was awesome and rolled with the punches. It gave us time to gel as a team and get to know each other.

Monday morning we were picked up in Nairobi and drove out to Maai Mahu to Naomi’s Village. All the craziness of the journey was worth it. The home looks very different than when we were here last year. There is grass everywhere and it is now a home. We toured the facility, while the kids were in school. Around 3 the younger kids came out of school and we got to meet them. The rest of the day and night we played with the kids and had a blast. The medical team headed straight out to the IDP camp to begin working the medical clinic.

After a few hours the kids really warmed up to us and we began learning all their names. We ended the night eating with the kids followed by hanging around and talking as a team.

Day 2 was the start of the swing set. Several of us worked all of day 2 & 3 to get the smaller swing set completed. It was a challenge, all the wood was an actual tree about a week ago, so it was wet, heavy, and had to be milled to make the lumber here on site. The medical team had their first full day and had approx 300 patients. I was extremely proud of Emily and Kaleigh as they did the evening devotional story with the kids. They walked the kids through the story of Jonah. It was really cool, to see them pass on what they have learned.

Day 3 was amazing. The medical team again had a great day, at the end of the day they saved a baby who showed up malnourished and close to death. The baby was being fed with a bad bottle, the medical team had a proper bottle brought down and then showed the mother how to feed the baby properly. It always amazes me how much we take the little things for granted.
We also finally finished up the swing set, and hung the swings. The kids by now had figured out what we were building and they were so anxious. The look of joy and wonder that was on their faces as they began to swing was more than worth the effort. They were so happy, it was the first time some of them had ever been on a swing. It was moving to know that we were able to make a difference with a swing set!

Galatians 6:9-10


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