Saturday, June 18, 2011


Well it was too easy, I kept telling myself as we got 19 people and 57 bags checked in at DFW in around 30 minutes. It was awesome smooth...but I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop. Once we got through security and found a snack, we got to the gate only to find our plane was delayed 30 minutes. No big deal, well that turned into 2 hours and me standing at the ticket desk desperately trying to re-book 21 people because we were told we would miss our connection in London to Nairobi.

I have to commend British Airways, it hires the most patient and friendly people, I think Southwest employees are great, but BA might be my favorite.

They confirmed us on a Sunday morning flight (instead of our Sat flight) and put us on the plane and we headed for London, hoping that some way we could catch our original flight or get a couple of people on the 1 other flight to Nairobi on Sat from Heathrow. We landed just as our connection flight took of...30 minutes was all we would have needed!

So we trudged through the miles of hallways and escalators and the Amersons and I left the team (11:00) to head to the customer services to see what we could do and to confirm our re-booking. One hour and 3 minutes later we finally got to step up to the “lucky one” BA Customer Service Agent. Andriez, He was awesome and kind, but it took us another 2 hours to book 2 guys on a late night flight to Nairobi, and confirm the other 19 of us, issue vouchers for hotel and food. By that time it was 2:45 PM and the team had sat down for a late lunch. $350 and 75 minutes later we left for the hotel.

At this point many were at least hopeful to get into the city and see London, however after a 8 hour flight and 6 hours at the airport, only a few braved the chilly rain and hour trip into London, the rest grabbed a bite, a shower, and crashed. - Short lived; as tired as I am I find myself awake at 2:45 am on 6 hours sleep in 2 days blogging!

In a couple of hours we will head back to the airport, hopefully walk through security quickly and quietly, hope on a plane and head to Kenya. In retrospect, it was a long, long day and at time frustrating, but He is so good and it could have been so much worse. London is not a bad place to be stuck and in the long run, it is merely a small bump on the the journey.

Please pray for the rest of our journey and for health. A few are feeling a little under the weather and all are tired.


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