Monday, October 13, 2008

Trip Update

Many of you already know, but some are new to my posts, so:
Myself, Bill Mckown, Aaron Swanson, Charlie Morgan, Kim Cook, and Tim Cypert, along with several others are traveling to Vietnam, Dec 27-Jan 4 to serve with the Lost Orphans organization.

We will be working with the orphans and birth moms that live there and serving with the nuns to feed the hungry, pass out bibles, talk to the hospitalized, love the people, and scout out a site for a new facility.

We have to raise $3000 each for the trip, which at first seemed daunting. However nothing is daunting for God, and He has provided beyond our wildest dreams!!! I am less than $500 from my goal, and several others are between half way and completely funded...all in less than 3 weeks! I think God made a statement in our lives.

Most important, we covet your prayers. Pray for the trip, the people going, the people we will serve, and also for our preparations, scheduling, and our families we will leave behind.

Also between now and then several of us have committed to memorize James chapter 1 and to journal our thoughts and prayers between now and our departure.

You can follow our journey on my feeble attempt at a blog.



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treeink said...

Hey bro.... looking forward to hearing about your trip and what God has in store for the team. I will be praying for you all! BTW...the blog is looking good =)